Article Sharing

The following guidelines must be adhered to while sharing any article published in IJPNS.

  • Preprint: Authors are allowed to share accepted articles provided that they have mentioned the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number assigned to the article. The use of DOI number helps in easy identification and citation of the article. In case authors have accounts on arXiv or RePEc, they can share the accepted articles with DOI number on these databases.
  • Accepted Manuscript: Authors are also allowed to share the articles on their personal homepage of social media platforms. They can also share the articles with their parent institution for storage in the institutional repository.
  • Sharing of articles to research students or other fellow researchers only for non-commercial purposes.
  • Authors can also share the research article published in IJPNS to websites where they have received special requests to share the article, for example sharing on ResearchGate and similar platforms is allowed.