Article Withdrawal & Retraction Policy

Article withdrawal:

IJPNS allows withdrawal of articles under the following circumstances:
  • If the article is submitted with error such as error in reporting or interpretation of the results, mistakes in reference sections, or incomplete and ambiguous methodology.
  • If the article is submitted by mistake to this journal while the corresponding authors are still waiting a response from other peer-review journal for the same article.
  • When a very high level of plagiarism is observed and the Editorial Board has requested the article to be modified to clear the plagiarism step. In such cases, the corresponding author may choose to withdraw the article if they are not happy with the Editorial Board decision.
  • When the article violates the professional ethics code.
  • When authorship claims are bogus and questioned by the Editorial Board.
  • When the data was obtained by frivolous and fraudulent means and the same has been brought to the notice of the Editorial Board. The corresponding author can withdraw the article if he/she is unhappy with the decision.
In all the above mentioned situations, it is mandatory to submit additional information, if requested by the Editorial Board, within 10 days of such communication failing which the article is deemed to be withdrawn by the corresponding author. If the article is withdrawn due to unethical practices, such corresponding authors shall not be allowed to submit any article in future in this journal.

Article retraction:

IJPNS allows retraction of published manuscripts on the following ground:
  • Use of fraudulent data or data manipulation
  • The article has been submitted to multiple journals or authorship was awarded to undeserving individuals
  • Extensive plagiarism was observed or any other malpractice which has been brought to the notice of the Editorial Board
  • Use of old data by manipulating the image colors or any other unprofessional conduct.
The Editorial Board shall take expert opinion before asking the authors to retract the article and the same will be communicated to all the authors. However, if the corresponding author (s) comes to know about any unethical practices unknown to him/her while submitting the article, he can inform the Editorial Board and retract the article even before any such request by the Editorial Board. The HTML version of the retracted articles shall be removed from the website immediately and any PDF version shall have a watermark “Retracted” as an indication of retraction. In extremely rare situations, the journal retains the rights to remove the article from the website. For example, an article can be removed after court directions or cases where the article can be prejudice to human or animal health. The decision in such cases shall be final and binding on corresponding authors.