Plagiarism Policy

IJPNS is strictly against submitting manuscripts or review articles which are not original and contains a high-level of plagiarism. All submitted articles will be completely checked by IJPNs for any duplication or plagiarism of the submitted work. All such plagiarized work will be immediately reported to the institutes of the author and shall be debarred from submitting any article in the future. In case of review articles, IJPNS strongly believes that intellectual inputs by the authors is a must in propagation and advancement of scientific knowledge and proper analysis and interpretation of already existing scientific knowledge is equally important in scientific advancements as it helps in identifying the gaps in the existing knowledge which helps the readers in pursuing the science in a particular direction and fill the existing gaps. The journal does not support reviews which are merely a compilation of published research or reviews and have no intellectual inputs from the authors.

It is advisable that authors must submit the results and their proper interpretation with appropriate methodology to avoid any confusion and ambiguity.

Authors must ensure that the submitted manuscripts are free of any plagiarism and duplication and the work has not been submitted simultaneously to any other journal. Authors must give due credit to other collaborators while submitting the manuscript in the form of authorship or acknowledgment depending on the degree of involvement of the collaborators. However, they should not give authorships to undeserving researchers. The authorship is limited to individuals who have contributed significantly while designing or performing the experiments, writing or editing the manuscript, or have provided any intellectual input essential for the successful completion of the study.  Submitting other researcher’s work as own work will be taken very seriously and reported to the parent institution.

IJPNS is a multidisciplinary journal, peer-reviewed journal in the field of nutrition and health sciences. The journal has stringent norms to prevent any form of plagiarism.  All submitted articles will be screened using plagiarism detection software and if plagiarism is detected, the articles will be rejected and the authors will be given a chance to explain their stand within 2 weeks of such decision. If the author (s) fails to explain the cause of plagiarism, they will be barred from publishing in IJPNS for a period of 2 years and the concerned person in the author`s parent institute shall be informed for further action.  The following are considered plagiarism by IJPNS:

Full plagiarism: When it is observed that the text or the results are directly taken from other published sources without any change in the sentences or grammar or content.

Partial plagiarism: When the content is taken from several places and only a rephrasing of text is done without any intellectual input from the authors.

Self-plagiarism: When authors copy-paste the text from their previously published article (s). IJPNS does not allow self-plagiarism.